KB/BW Mud Run Workout

Just got back from a great weekend w the fam in Tahoe – so much fun!

forest and alana

We’ll be back up in the Tahoe area in a couple of months for a big Mud Run event … and I couldn’t help but think about and start planning a bit for the training program we are organizing at FVT.

I’ve prepared a kettlebell / bodyweight – based mud run workout for you today … this is awesome to help you get ready for your upcoming mud run, or just for a fun, fat burning, lean-muscle-building training session you can do at any time.


– Forest


Kettlebells are very effective for developing:

Dynamic/isometric strength
Anaerobic/aerobic conditioning
Quickness and explosive power
Mental toughness

ALL things you’ll need at a Mud Run event!

So – I’ve put together a Mud Run kettlebell workout for you.

Please note – this is NOT the be-all-end-all of your event prep. You need to be training outside, doing some long runs, preparing physically and mentally for the
events you’ll be facing, etc.

But incorporate this one into your overall routine … and it’ll also get you thinking about how your workouts should be structured leading up to the event.


Fast run .25 mi
50 Kettlebell swings (divided into as many sets as needed)
Fast run .25 mi
3 Turkish get ups ea side (alternating sides each rep)
Fast run .25 mi
15 pull ups (divided into as many sets as needed)
Fast run .25 mi
20 burpees (divided into as many sets as needed)
Repeat for 2-3 rounds total

Additional workout notes:

Workout is best done on a track/soccer field/etc. where one could do the prescribed reps of an exercise, run the .25 mi and return to same area to complete the next exercise

“Fast” run means fast for you – a good rule of thumb would be about a 7/10 on an intensity level scale, with one being the easiest and 10 the hardest

For the swings, pull ups and burpees – you may divide the total number of reps into as many sets as needed, but you cannot move on to the next interval run before you complete the total number of prescribed reps. For example, to complete 15 total pull ups, you might do one set of six, rest 20 seconds, do a set of five, rest 20 seconds, and do a final set of four.

Make sure to include a SMR/joint mobility/dynamic stretch warm up


In conclusion, KB’s are a great implement to use in your training for a mud run event. While this Mud Run kettlebell workout is NOT the be-all-end-all of your event prep, it’s a great place to start – and to get you thinking about how to put together your training sessions.

Thanks for reading, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, Level II Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor

PS – FVT Mud Run Event Prep training starts Monday, April 20th at 6pm … details and grab your spot HERE

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