28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Recap

We wrapped up the 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge at FVT a couple of days ago.

Wanted to give a big shout – out to our winners!


For the first time EVER, we had THREE participants:

— Eric Z
— Dennis H
— David W

That all finished SO close to each other … each lost about 5% of their total body weight, 3-4% body fat, and 6-8 total inches … that we could not decide on a winner!

So, we made the executive decision to declare a TIE for 1st place, and split the winnings evenly … so all THREE of our winners got $200 each!

SO impressed with how the group did as a whole. The feedback we get every time with these is not only about the weight loss that participants end up experiencing, but also how much better people end up FEELING after eating clean and training consistently for a month.

If you missed the Challenge this time around, you should participate next time! 🙂 We’ll have another one coming up right before summer, keep an eye out.

Thanks –

– The FVT Team

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