FVT Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout (sample day)

Got a FVT kettlebell bootcamp workout for you today.

This will give you a great idea of what we do at FVT.

You can also crank this workout on your own at home / in the park / anywhere really (although it’s not quite the same as getting coached through it at a fast pace, as being around a group of other like-minded, positive people, etc)

Check it out:


FVT Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout

1 – Dynamic warm up / movement prep

– seal jack
– bodyweight squat
– easy push up
– leg swing

*Do each exercise for 20 seconds … rest for 10 seconds between moves … repeat circuit 2x

2 – Strength circuit

– inverted row
– push up with rotation
– KB or DB overhead press
– heavy resistance band curl

*Do each exercise for 30 seconds … rest for 15 seconds between moves … repeat circuit 3x

3 – Cardio conditioning

– burpee
– kettlebell swing

*Do 5 burpees, followed by 15 KB swings … without rest, go right into 8 burpees, followed by 20 KB swings … without rest, go right into 12 burpees, followed by 25 KB swings … then work your way back “down the ladder”, repeating sets 2, then 1 … do this entire sequence as fast as possible

4 – Finisher

– sprints

*Sprint 200 yards … rest for about as long as it took you to do the sprint … repeat 3x total, trying to maintain or beat your pace of the first sprint

5 – Flexibility

– static stretch 2-3 tight muscle groups, let your heart rate come down … and give yourself a hand for a job well done!!

Watch the video of this workout here:


There you have a typical FVT kettlebell bootcamp workout. Hope that gives you a better idea of exactly what we do at FVT.

And, if you want to experience a workout like this yourself first-hand, join us on June 25th for our boot camp to support the Alzheimer’s Association by registering now, HERE.

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– The FVT Team

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