Underground Fat Destroyer FAQ

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and our Underground Fat Destroyer Challenge is gearing up to begin!

If you are looking to lose 15-20 pounds in the first 8 weeks of 2017, and permanently change your eating habits, this is THE program for you.

And spots are filling fast. As I write this message, we are just over half way full.

There have been a LOT of questions about the Challenge – so we decided to share the most frequently asked questions that may help you when signing up.


Q – “How long is this challenge?”

A – This challenge is 8 weeks, and will include a weekly nutrition coaching meeting to attend. They will be every Tuesday at 6pm.


Q – “How many boot camp sessions will I get for this challenge?”

A – New / returning clients will get 2 boot camp sessions per week of the challenge, so 16 sessions total.

Current clients will remain with how many they are doing now, but have the option to get more sessions (if you would like to sign up for the Challenge and are a current client looking to increase your number of weekly workouts, please speak with us individually.)


Q – “What are your available training times?”

A – Our current training schedule is available on our main website at the link below:

=> FVT Boot Camp – Times / Locations

As part of the Challenge you are able to sign up for any of the regular “boot camp” sessions for your workouts.


Q – “Is this a competition? Are there any prizes?”

A – There are cash prizes that will be given out at the end of the challenge! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get cash prizes. Prizes will be tiered based on sign ups for the Challenge:

– 20 sign ups = $500 (1st) / $300 (2nd) / $100 (3rd)
– 15 sign ups = $300 (1st) / $200 (2nd) / $100 (3rd)
– 10 sign ups = $200 (1st) / $100 (2nd) / $50 (3rd)
– 5 sign ups = $100 (1st) / $50 (2nd) / $25 (3rd).


Q – “How much does the challenge cost?”

A – The price is different for new or returning clients vs for existing FVT clients. You can see prices here:

=> Underground Fat Destroyer


Spots are filling up, and registration will close December 31st! Get your spot before they are all gone!

Thanks –

– FVT Team

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