[new video] 3 Tips to Make Burpees Easier

One of the performance standards our clients have to hit at FVT to earn one of our coveted multi-colored wrist bands is to do 20 burpees in one minute.

It’s a tough, but also do-able goal – and our clients love having targets like this to work towards and measure their progress over time.

Now most of our new clients have done burpees at some point – but they are making a few small mistakes that are causing the exercise to be MUCH harder than it should.

So here are our three top tips to make burpees faster, safer, and more effective:


We have a special guest for today’s video – Master FVT Trainer, Chris Baad – to demo these tips!


Tip #1 – Get your hands underneath your shoulders as you lower to the floor and push back up.

This is the safest and most efficient way to do the exercise. It will help you do more reps, faster, as well as save your shoulders in the long run.

Tip #2 – Get ALL the way down to the ground on EVERY rep.

This standardizes the movement, so you can move through a consistent range of motion and gauge your performance over time.

Tip #3 – Keep the hips high for more efficiency.

Avoid dropping all the way into a squat with your hips during the exercise. Instead, think of it more as a hip hinge.


There you have three simple – but POWERFUL – tips for faster, safer,
more effective burpees!


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