Katherine Heigl, Matthew McConaughey + Kettlebells

Katherine Heigl said:

“I was probably in the best shape of my life for Knocked Up, but I hated going to the gym.

I’ve now found a woman who teaches kettlebell classes. It’s a mix of cardio and weight training, but I only do it for 20 minutes twice a week, and it’s changed my body shape.”

Matthew McConaughey uses kettlebells in his workouts too, and the dude is solid muscle!

So – are YOU using kettlebells to help you reach your fitness goals?

If you want results like Katherine and Matthew, you definitely should be.

As you know, FVT is the go-to facility for KB training in the Sacramento area.

And we have a special event scheduled for April 26th where you can come experience a kettlebell workout, for FREE!

Simply use the link below to register now – but do it quick, because we’re almost full:

try a KB workout at FVT => April 26th ‘Bells, Beers and Buddies Boot Camp

Look forward to meeting and working with you!

– Forest and the FVT Team

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