14 Day “Spring Sprint” Program

+End of month DEADLINE!! Details below+


Spring Break is right around the corner!!

It’s almost time to start putting on those summer clothes.

So are you ready?

Or do you still need to put in a little more work?

Never fear, FVT is here with our 14 Day “Spring Sprint” Program.

We give you:

– The meal plan
– The workout plan
– The lifestyle and recovery plan
– The extra accountability

EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

Current clients can participate at no cost.

New / returning clients can join for $99.

HOWEVER – there are a couple of requirements you must meet, if you want to get involved with this program:

1 – You must make the commitment to actually DO the protocol to the best of your ability.

Because if we’re going to share this with you, we want you to get results! And you have to be willing to actually put in the work if that’s going to happen ????

2 – You will need to commit to logging everything you eat and drink (we’ll show you a SUPER easy way to do that, btw) for the 14 days.

We give you a complete outline of what to eat and when to eat it – along with sample meal plans to follow – so that everything is laid out for you.

3 – You will need to commit to five times per week of workouts, for about 45 minutes each, for the 14 days. Three of these will be “HIPT” workouts at the FVT studio, and two will be basic walk / jog / run workouts you can do anywhere.

4 – You will need to commit to taking care of your body during the Challenge. This means getting plenty of sleep, possibly reducing your caffeine intake, possibly reducing your alcohol intake, etc.

6 – You will need to be friendly and coach-able.

This might be the most important requirement of all.

If we are going to be able to help you in the best way possible, you need to be positive and open to our suggestions.


NEW CLIENTS – click the link below, and fill out the form with your contact info. Put “SPRING SPRINT” in the subject line. We’ll get back to you ASAP to get you signed up:

+ END OF MONTH DEADLINE: program closes March 31st, 2019 – apply now!


EXISTING CLIENTS – shoot us a message or let us know at your next workout, and we’ll get you all set up.

Look forward to hearing from you, and here’s to getting you in top shape for Spring!

– Forest and the FVT Team

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