The Buddy Challenge!

We are going to open registration for our 1st ever “Buddy Challenge” next week.

In the meantime, check out more details on how it will work.

And if you’re interested, stay tuned!



The Buddy Challenge!

This challenge is designed to be fun and engaging for you and your Buddy. It is a 21-day challenge that keeps each person accountable to process goals, goals other than weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain.

The process goals will help you to reach your larger outcome goal and learn to build new and better habits!

Here are the details:

— 21 days

— 2-person teams

— 3-process goals each

— Proof that you accomplished them (listed and checked off by coaching staff)

— Prize for winners (T-shirt)

— Accountability System

— Goal Setting Sheet

— Fun “super workout” for winners at the end

Sample Goal Setting Sheet

Outcome goal: The larger goal, the end point. When you have a clear vision as to what you really want. Goal setting is not fantasy. It is about adding deadlines on your dreams, accepting ownership of your future, and identifying the actions you must take.

Identify Outcome Goal:

I would like to lose 12lbs in 30 days.

Process Goals: The small process goals that will support the achievement of your outcome goals. These will help you to get laser focused and achieve your dreams!

Process Goal #1: Complete food journal 6 days per week.

Process Goal #2: Go to sleep at 10pm and wake at 5am daily.

Process Goal #3: Only 1 free meal weekly.



Choose a “Buddy”

This should be someone you know and trust that will hold you accountable to your goals. You gain as much benefit as the person you are helping. You will learn just as much as they will. So get out there, take those goals, and share them with the right person.

Sample Accountability System

You can track the process goals any way you choose but here are some suggestions:

— Keep a signed record of completed goal.

–Take a picture of goal: ex. (Going to sleep at 10pm)

— Have your buddy sign on off on the goal daily or weekly.

— Verbally promise that goal is complete to your buddy.

— Daily or weekly phone calls.

All 21 days must be tracked and turned in!

Beginning and Ending goal sheets must be turned into respective coaches and check off for completion.

Everything is on the honor system, if the goals are completed the challengers will get a FREE T-shirt representing their victories!



Pretty cool, right?

It’s going to be a lot of fun … and more importantly, it will help you finally build the habits and get the RESULTS you are looking for!!

Stay tuned, regisration opens next week.

-Forest and the FVT Team

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