15 min Swing + Burpee “Melt Down”

Happy Saturday!

Here is a quick hitting kettlebell workout free to do over the weekend.

All you need is about 15 minutes in a single kettlebell.

You’ll start easy at the beginning of the circuit and build up intensity and difficulty with the exercises as you go.

Let’s do it:

15 min Swing + Burpee “Melt Down”

Do as many reps as possible, with perfect form, of the following exercises in :40 intervals each. Take no rest between moves:

— KB sumo deadlift
— squat thrust
— two hand KB swing
— burpee, no push up
— one hand kb swing (:20 per side)
— burpee with push up
— hand to hand KB swing
— burpee with two push ups

Repeat this circuit three times.


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