[new video] Bodyweight Complex Workout – Lower Body

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Forest Vance here, owner of FVT Boot Camp gyms, and author of the CORE Kettlebell Challenge.

In today’s workout, we are going to give you a bodyweight complex workout for the lower body.

This is a perfect finish to your regular kettlebell workout, or it can even be a stand-alone, zero-equipment blast workout on its own.

With the complex concept, what we do is string together multiple exercises for the same muscle group. This way, we keep time under tension on the desired working body part, and get a great workout.

Normally what we would do is use kettlebells or dumbbells or barbells for the workout. But what we’re going to do with the workout today is we will do it with zero added equipment. You’ll be using your bodyweight only as resistance.

Let’s hop right into it:

Bodyweight Complex Workout – Lower Body

Squat Jump – 8 reps
Alt Reverse Lunge – 8 reps per leg
Step Ups – 8 reps per leg
Bodyweight Squats – 15 reps


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