Holiday Drop-In Workouts for Family and Friends

Do you have family or friends in town during the Holidays that would like to come for in for a workout at FVT?

We don’t advertise this regularly, but we recently added an option to drop in for a single boot camp workout.

Drop-ins are best for folks who:

— Are already working out at least semi-regularly somewhere else, have a decent base of fitness, and are relatively injury-free
— Ideally have some familiarity with the exercises and workout style that we do

…and the cost is $25.

Drop-ins also must be paid for and scheduled ahead of time – so that the instructor for the workout you are attending can plan accordingly, and so that we can have you arrive a few minutes early to fill our our medical history and injury waiver forms.

Fill out the form linked below, and put DROP IN in the subject line – we’ll get you over a link to register and schedule your workout:

=> Holiday Drop-In Workouts for Family and Friends

Thanks! –

-Forest and the FVT Team

PS – If you are looking more to try our program and see if it’s something that would work for you on a regular basis… if you are coming back into working out after a layoff… if you have injuries you’re working with and need heavy modifications… we CAN accommodate, but we have other better program options for you. Contact us HERE, and we’ll touch base to figure out the plan.

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