“12 Days of Christmas” KB Workout

Well we just finished up a great Christmas Eve Boot Camp workout at FVT…
…it was all ladies today… Guess the guys were all out doing their last minute shopping!!


Truth be told, I still have a couple more gifts to pick up, so got to make this quick.

But I wanted to post the 12 days of Christmas Kettlebell work out we did this morning.

You can do it at home over the Holidays with just a single kettlebell and your own body weight, in around 20 minutes.

Happy Holidays, and keep doing the hard work to be your best in 2020:


“12 Days of Christmas” KB Workout

1ST DAY – 10 x 10 yard shuttle run or 100 high knees

2ND DAY – 20 KB goblet squats

3RD DAY – 30 KB crush curls

4TH DAY – 4 broad jumps

5TH DAY – 5 x 10 yard bear crawls

6TH DAY – KB suitcase lunge – 6 per leg

7TH DAY – 70 step ups – 35 per leg

8TH DAY – 8 burpees

9TH DAY – 9 one arm KB rows per side

10TH DAY – 10 one arm KB squat to press (5 per side)

11TH DAY – 11 push ups

12TH DAY – 120 jumping jacks


Let’s get after it in the New Year!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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