2 week nutrition challenge

We’re looking to bring in 10 or 15 folks to go through a 2 week nutrition challenge.

This is for men and women in Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas who:

  • Know that they have been eating and drinking a bit more than they should
  • Have come to the realization that this is our “new normal”, and we can’t keep on doing this or we’ll end up 10 or 20 pounds heavier by the time it’s over
  • Are ready to get re-focused and re-dailed

We’d be giving you both the information (calculators, meal plans, etc) AND the accountabilty (coaching, individual check ins) to get it done.

If you’re interested, fill out this form – https://www.forestvancetraining.com/contact with the words “2 week nutrition challenge” in the subject line – and we’ll get you the info!


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