5 Minute Core Workout

Want to get some extra work on your abs?

You can do this 5 minute core workout any time, any place, in 5 minutes or less!

And best of all, there are ZERO crunches or sit ups… so it’s going to be safer and more effective than the abs workouts you’ve probably been doing:

5 minute core workout

You’ll start off with a high plank.

Hold for 20 seconds.

Then, transition RIGHT into the opposite arm / opposite hip touch.

Do this for 20 seconds.

The last move in the sequence is a cross body mountain climber. Transition immediately into this exercise, and hold for 20 seconds as well.

Rest about 30 seconds when you’re done, and repeat the rotation two more times for a total of three rounds.

Watch the video for a breakdown of the workout and for more coaching cues / tips on the exercises:


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And here’s to your continued success!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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