7 Minute Flexibility (stretching sequence inside)

I just finished off a short flexibility session this morning to start my day.

This is something that I do almost every morning. I started the routine seven or eight years ago, and it has made a TREMENDOUS difference in improving recovery, mobility, conditioning, and overall athleticsim.

If you are looking for similar benefits, and you aren’t currently doing a routine like this, I suggest you work something like this into your training as well!

Here is the short series from today, if you want to give it a try… I held each of these poses for about 45 seconds each:

  • Low lunge
  • Wide leg stretch / straddle
  • Lying spinal twist
  • Couch stretch
  • Standing legs-apart stretch
  • Seated spinal twist

If you want some additional help, advice, or instruction incorporating this sort of thing into your routine, feel free to drop us a line here.

To your continued success –

-Forest and the FVT Team

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