Alan’s Kettlebell Complex: Sample Personalized Workout


If I went through YOUR current (or past) kettlebell routine, could you tell me the WHY behind how it’s put together?

For example, could you answer:

– Why (or why not) each exercise is included?
– Why you are doing the specific amount of sets / reps chosen for each move?
– Why each muscle group / movement pattern is getting the amount of total work / volume that it is each week?

If you don’t have a good answer to these questions, it’s not your fault… but I also think this is why my personalized 
kettlebell workout program shines:


Just imagine how much faster progress you could make if I designed a workout plan specifically for you, and you started really paying attention to this kind of detail!

Here’s an example:


Alan’s Kettlebell Complex: Sample Personalized Workout


AGE – 54

GOALS – Improve kettlebell form / technique; gain strength; lose 18 pounds over next 12 weeks

CURRENT FITNESS PROGRAM – Kettlebell workouts from my “300” KB Challenge program 2-3x per week

PAST WORKOUT HISTORY – Has done several half marathons, weightlifting / bodybulding

INJURIES / LIMITATIONS – Knee issue that prevents high volume / load on heavy knee bending moves like lunges

SAMPLE – KB COMPLEX (this is just one section of a single workout! – Alan’s complete program is FAR more detailed and extensive):

Perform three rounds of the complex below. Rest approx 90 seconds between rounds:

*We’re keeping the rep range moderate (5-10 per exercise) so that we can both preserve / improve muscle strength, while at the same time training at a high enough volume to burn maximum calories

– Snatch x 5 per side (Alan is fairly well versed in kettlebell form, and we’re trying to improve lower body explosiveness and conditioning… also, we put the most difficult / complex KB move at the TOP of the circuit so that we’re fresh and can use the best possible form)
– Clean & Press x 5 per side (here we are simply working on overhead pressing strength, keeping the reps lower so that we can use a reasonably heavy weight)
– 1-Arm Swing x 5 per side (working the hip hinge pattern and also the core with the anti-rotational aspect of one-arm swings)
– Goblet Squat x 5 (working the lower body squat pattern, but keeping the reps fairly low to go easy on Alan’s knee)
– Row x 5 per side (working the upper body pulling pattern that is often neglected but such a key part of balanced development)

We’re still looking for a few more people to join my personalized KB workout program, but we’re down to the last couple of open spots!

Click the link below, watch the video, fill out the interest form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP:


– Forest Vance, Owner, FVT Personal Training

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