Workout Plan from Chris Hemsworth’s Personal Trainer

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most popular actors today, and he gets into jaw-dropping physical condition for his roles in movies like Thor and The Avengers.

I recently stumbled across a pretty interesting interview with his personal trainer, and thought I would share a few take-aways, since I know adding strength is a big goal for a lot of folks that follow our newsletter and social media these days:


Chris Hemsworth Workout Plan – 3 Tips to Get Lean and Jacked

1 – Lift heavy weights most days of the week

If you are trying to add strength, you need to give your muscles the proper stimulus to grow.

Of course, “heavy” is a totally relative term… YOUR “heavy” is probably different that my “heavy”… the main point is that you’re lifting a load that challenges you and pushes you and takes you *close* to failure on at least some of your working sets.

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2 – Start training at least three months before a movie role

It takes some time to get into peak shape! You can’t do it in 14 or 28 days. This is why Chris starts training at MINIMUM 12 weeks before a movie roll.

Make a commitment to at least the next 12 weeks of doing whatever it takes to reach your goal.

3 – Eat a lot

Chris Hemsworth’s trainer claims that he eats 4500 calories a day when he’s in maximum bulk mode.

You may not need or be able to eat that much, but one thing I do see frequently is that people do not eat consistently and enough quality food to support muscle growth.

You need to eat on a regular schedule, get enough protein, and make sure that you’re putting healthy foods in your body all day long.


I hope these three tips direct from Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer help you gain more strength and muscle than last time!

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– Forest Vance

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