Looking for 17 Men and Women Over 40 in Midtown + Land Park – Sacramento to take our “20 Pounds in 6 Weeks” Challenge:

Exciting news:

We’re going to run a 6-week Challenge in the New Year to help you get as lean as possible as fast as possible!

We will be more aggressive than usual with our workouts and calorie deficit though so that we can get you MAXIMUM RESULTS!

An ideal rate of fat loss is typically 0.5-1% of your body weight weekly, however for this Challenge you should aim to lose 1-1.25% of your body weight weekly. Depending on your starting weight / fitness level / etc., this could be 10-20 pounds over the six weeks.

The question I have for you today is this – IF we gave you:

— The precise workouts – at our gym and / or to do at home

— The corresponding meal plans telling you what to eat and when to eat it

— The check-ins and accountability to keep you on track

…would you be interested?

Enter your info below and we’ll add you to the interest list:

–>> “20 in 6” Challenge at FVT

-Forest and the FVT Team

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