Is HIIT Good for Over-40’s?

I am returning this morning from a weekend kettlebell certification led by master RKC instructor Dan John in Hoboken, NJ.

It was a bit of a trek to the east coast from Kansas City, but WOW… even though I’ve been involved in the kettlebell comunity for almost 15 years and have attended / assisted at / led dozens of events in that time, this one did not disapoint!… so many amazing take-aways to help you all get better results!

One big take-away – that applys to kettlebell training, but also training in general for our client base – is the idea that though HIIT-style training is popular, in large doses, it’s actually probably NOT the best approach for over-40s.

It feels productive to get your heart rate up and sweat for a full 45-minute workout, I get it. But at the same time, those type of workouts stop being effective around age 35 for most people. What we really need more of to reach our fat loss goals is:

– intelligent strength work
– mobility / flexibility / better movement
– cardio to train our heart, but probably at a big lower intensity for the bulk of the time
– focused nutrition

I’ll share more take-aways in the weeks and months ahead, but that’s a big one for now.

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Cheers! –

– Forest and the FVT Team

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