reverse dieting

You’ve been dieting hard in recent weeks and months.

You’ve been eating strict and busting your a@@ doing extra cardio. 

..and you’ve FINALLY hit your weight loss goal!

Time to “go back to normal”, right?


When you’ve been gradually chopping your calorie intake and adding cardio week by week, your metabolism will gradually slow down. It’s kind of like your body’s natural response to keep itself from starving to death.

If you jump right back to eating how you were before your diet started however, you’re likely going to quickly put weight back on.

“Reverse dieting” is the solution to keep this from happening!

If you have been approaching fat loss in a somewhat safe/smart way, you are:

  • Starting in a minor calorie deficit
  • Slowly decreasing your calories as you plateau
  • Slowly increasing your cardio

Reverse dieting is the OPPOSITE of this. You will literally do the opposite of what you did to cut down.

This means that you will:

  • Slowly re-introduce calories back into your diet
  • Slowly decrease how much cardio you are doing each week (optional / as needed)

This will help you limit much if any fat gain, as well as slowly stimulate your metabolism and gradually reduce the energy deficit you were in each day.

We teach you the specifics of how to do this right in our programs at FVT… and a great start is our next 28-day Drop a Size Challenge. Reply to this message with the word “CHALLENGE” and we’ll send you the details.

To your success! –

-Forest and the FVT Team at

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