July 2010

Portable Ab Training Videos

Here's a site with a pretty good selection of free training videos that can be downloaded and put right on your iPod, BlackBerry, etc. Click the link below for videos of 16 different ab exercises:Portable Ab Exercise VideosThere's bunch of videos with exercises for other parts of your body and even ready-to-go, follow along workouts. [...]

Another 'Best Of' post for you today ... check out the last one that lists our top ab training and fat loss articles here:'Best Of' fat loss and abdominal training articles on ForestVanceTraining.comLet's get right to it: Here are the top-rated and viewed video posts from the last six months on this site:1. The March [...]

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Stickers, and Buttons with unique designs from Forest Vance Training, Inc. and KettlebellBasics.net are offically here!Check out our store by clicking the link below:Kettlebell Gear - Shirts, Hats, and More We're also having a sale to kick off our new clothing line: Every item in the store will be 10% off thru Sunday, [...]

July Challenge Workout Results

Awesome job to everyone who completed July's challenge workout ... here are the results:AT 17:44KB 18:26SG 18:29KG 18:53LS 19:36LB 23:49NT 24:26AG 25:29MB 26:28BA 29:50EZ 30:00PT 30:00Keep training hard guys!!

July Challenge Workout

It's time again for the Monthly Challenge Workout from Sacramento Personal Trainer Forest Vance....Here's July's workout:Run 1/4 mile50 Push Ups (knee Push Ups for women, regular Push Ups for men)50 Body Weight Squats50 Sit Ups (feet unanchored, arms at sides)50 KB Swings50 Mountain Climbers (each side - 100 reps total)50 Lunges (each leg - 100 [...]