May 2017

I was making a few tweaks / updates to my Beginner’s Guide to Kettlebell Training course (BTW – if you don’t have a copy yet – you can get it FREE for the next few days, here), and I ran across the article below. I originally published this on in October of 2008 … almost 9 [...]

I am a big fan of having things to train for, as a way to motivate myself to keep training hard and stay in top shape. As you know, we have the Ultimate Challenge Workout coming up on June 24th. This is an approx 2-3 hour workout that will test your strength, endurance, and overall [...]

Exciting updates re: the upcoming Ultimate Challenge Workout on June 24th! 1 - We have EXTENDED the "T Shirt Deadline" to May 31st. The vendor we are working with has given us some extra time, and we are passing this benefit on to you. There is still time to sign up, and get a free [...]

Yesterday, at the 715am Lean and Jacked workout, Keith P deadlifted nearly double his bodyweight - 325 at 179! Crazy thing is, until about 2 years ago, Keith had NEVER touched a barbell. In fact, he had very little experience working out, and started with us at the age of 52. Now he is one [...]

I just made this FB event page: And wanted to reach out, and send you a personal invite! So - will you be joining us for the Ultimate Challenge Workout on June 24th? It's a great way to get ready in this final stretch before summer, AND to support a local charity in the [...]

FVT Referral Program

Did you know .... Current clients get $50 for any friend / family member / co-worker / etc they refer to the FVT studio (that signs up for one of our regular on-going training programs)? It's a TOTAL win - win, and our little way of saying thanks. You help people you care about improve [...]

Are you trying to lose weight? Here are five simple - but HIGHLY effective! - tips to help you make faster progress towards your goals: 1 - Pay attention to your portion sizes Your stomach is really only about the size of a fist; that’s about how much food it takes to fill it. You should [...]

Meet Paula

A friend of Paula's had participated in one of our Rapid Fat Loss Challenges in 2013, and had gotten some great results. She told Paula about her experience, and it inspired her to come in and give our program a try. Over the last 4 years, Paula has gotten stronger and healthier by leaps and [...]