We have a handful of spots left in our personal training program for the month of May. If you are: – Just getting started, and want / need more individualized attention– Want specific guidance on something – extra core workouts, learning / refining the basics of kettlebells, perhaps dailing in your nutrition– Simply prefer to [...]

In today's video, I talk about things you should consider when hiring a trainer. In my experience - working with thousands of clients personally over the last 12 years, as well as directly hiring and managing dozens and dozens of personal trainers in that time - the three most important things are: 1 - A [...]

Hey I know we are heading into the Holiday weekend here, and you might be taking off work a little early etc ... so wanted to quickly remind you about the "10-4" - 28 day fat loss Challenge sign up we have been talking about: 10-4 Challenge The grocery store tour we have planned for this [...]

Our Charity Boot Camp for the Sacramento SPCA is coming right up! – Weds, April 24th, 6pm @ FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training – 1530 X Street. Team FVT will be participating in the 26th Annual Doggy Dash on April 27th in William Land Park – (you are invited to come out in support to [...]


Let's talk about the keto diet today! It seems to be the latest big trend in the weight loss world. And I am having a turkey sandwich and an apple for lunch after I write this, so I thought it would be perfect timing :) So let's start with explaining exactly what the "keto" diet [...]

The year was 2005. Freshly "retired" from my football career, and finding myself quickly out of shape, I set out to lose 50+ pounds.  And once I started on the journey, I quickly realized my diet was going to make or break my success. Because once I started tracking things, I realized that to get [...]

One thing folks seem to struggle with when it comes to working out consistently is time. But here's the thing: just because you can't get a full 45 minute workout every day - which might be IDEAL for your current goals - doesn't mean you can't do SOMETHING. Today's 9 Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout is [...]

10-4 Challenge

++ATTN Current AND Prosective FVT Clients++ If YOU: - Want to lose body fat - Know deep down that your diet is the obstacle keeping you from making it happen - Wish someone would just tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it, AND / OR - Actually have a good idea [...]

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