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We just wrapped up our FVT challenge workout for November! Each month our clients have a challenge workout as a way to measure their progress and test their strength. Here’s the workout in case you missed it: November 2017 FVT Challenge Workout – 12 push ups (toes for men / knees for women) – 3 [...]

It's only been a few days since I signed up for the Spartan Beast on October 1st in Lake Tahoe. The crazy thing is, I can already tell you that my training sessions have taken up a notch. Just yesterday morning, I was by myself in a hotel workout room doing this dumbbell complex workout - [...]

To help you get your fitness goals in time for summer ... AND in support of the Alzheimer's Association ... We are putting on another FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout on Saturday, June 24th, 2017! It will be an “ultimate” test of your overall fitness – strength, endurance, and much more. From feats of strength like [...]

Due to popular demand, there will be a NEW Intermittent Fasting option in the "2.0" version of the Performance Nutrition Diet (the meal plan we use in our 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenges at FVT.) Here is an overview of the protocol. (It is taken directly from Eat Stop Eat - and I recommend [...]

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