Fat Loss Meal Planning – Contest Results + More Helpful Tips

Huge thanks to all who participated in last week’s give-away contest/survey! The feedback is much appreciated, and I’ll be working in the coming weeks and months on some of the suggestions you provided …

We had a really hard time picking a winner … but ended up going with Michelle L. Keep an eye out Michelle – I’ll be emailing you shortly re: how to grab your free copy of the Easiest, Fastest Fat Loss Meal Plan program.

While we’re on the topic of fat loss meal planning, I’d like to point you towards an article I posted here early last year – it’s as timely as ever as we approach the holiday season. Click the link below to check it out:

Eating Well While Eating Out – 3 Quick Tips

And don’t forget – over the last three years, I’ve posted literally dozens of workouts, nutrition tips, videos, etc. right here on this site – you can search the blog archives from the right sidebar of any page.

Thanks, and talk soon –


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