How to Prevent Lower Back Pain from Kettlebell Training

About five years ago, when I first started training with kettlebells, most people didn’t quite know what to think.

I’d ask a new client if they had ever heard of a KB, and 95% of the time, they’d give me a puzzled look.

Now, almost everyone I talk to has at least HEARD of kettlebells. You can pick one up at Walmart nowadays for gosh sakes!! That’s a story for another day, though … 🙂

If rapid fat loss, getting into great cardio shape, and/or getting an amazingly effective workout in a short amount of time interests you … KB’s should at least be in your “training toolbox”.

HOWEVER … working out with kettlebells DOES have a bit more of a technique learning curve than, say, training with your own body weight, dumbbells, or bands. If your form is off, not only will you miss out on the full benefit of working with them, your risk of getting injured will go way up.

(BTW, this probably goes without saying, but just to be perfectly clear … I’m a firm believer that the relatively small amount of time it takes to learn kettlebells RIGHT is well worth it … they’re a fun and supremely effective training tool.)

One of the most common issues folks experience with kettlebell training is lower back pain.

If this describes you, I’ve got a simple 60 second technique fix that should help. Watch the video below to see the #1 cause of kettlebell low back pain – and how to fix it:

Again – KB’s are an awesome training tool … but if you use bad form, you won’t get the full benefit of working out with them … and you’ll potentially injure yourself. One of the most common problems folks experience with regular kettlebell training is lower back pain – which should NOT be happening if you’re using good form. Watch the video above for a simple fix to this common problem, and get back to KB training pain free!

Thanks, and talk soon –


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