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Today I have info for you about the upcoming FVT charity boot camp, a link to an awesome article on FVT trainer Pam in the SF Chronicle(!), some FVT Band Challenge shout outs, and an article and video series on how to perform the KB Snatch.

Let’s get right to it!!

FVT/Land Bark/SPCA Charity Boot Camp August 8th

100% of the funds raised in this event go towards helping a local animal in need. Also, it is a great opportunity to bring friends, family, co-workers, etc. in for a fun boot camp workout.

Click the link below to learn more:

=> August 8th FVT/Land Bark/Sac SPCA Charity Boot Camp

FVT Trainer Pam in the SF Chronicle

Second – BIG SHOUT OUT to FVT trainer Pam Belleau for her recent article in the SF Chronicle!! If you don’t know Pam’s story, you have GOT to read this. Check out out:

=> Bodybuilder’s journey takes an unconvential road to success

FVT Band Challenge Shout Outs

The FVT Band Challenge happened again this week … and we had some new black band earners!!

If you aren’t familiar with the band challenge, you can see what it’s all about HERE.

Big shouts outs to Sarai J and Mike P, new black band earners! It’s no small feat, and you both have worked very hard for it. Way to go!

How to Correctly Perform the Kettlebell Snatch

More info about how to do this tricky KB exercise was actually one of the top requested topics in Monday’s Q&A email. You asked, I have delivered 😉 Check it out:

=> How to Master the Kettlebell Snatch (article with pictures)

=> Master the KB Snatch Video Series

That’s it for today. Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor
Owner, Head Trainer, FVT Boot Camp

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