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Why heeelooo! It’s August 1st of 2013 … can you believe it? I hope you’re doing great, that you’re rocking your workouts, and that you’re hitting all of your fitness goals this fine summer.

The idea behind the FVT Newsletter is to put all “goings-on” at the studio, new programs, special offers, workout tips, diet tricks, and much more – into newsletter format.

We’ll still send occasional email updates as needed … but this full-blown newsletter is an “all-in-one”. You can print it out, share it with your family and friends, etc. And, it’s FREE! Can’t get much better than that 😉
Let me know how you like it – and if it’s well-received, we’ll keep it up.

In this issue, we cover:

•August 8th FVT/SPCA/Land Bark Charity Boot Camp
•Upcoming Back-to-School FVT Rapid Fat Loss Challenge
•A quick ‘n’ simple body weight workout you can do at home
•FVT Team Happenings
•New shirts in the FVT pro shop
•New semi private training times and theme

Click here to grab the new FVT Newsletter now (it’s free)

Thanks –

Forest Vance
Owner, head trainer, Forest Vance Training, Inc.

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