MY Kettlebell Story + Last Chance for FVT RKC Early Bird Discount

I had this insane workout partner at one of the “big box” gyms I worked at when I first got into the personal training world. He was an ex-marine, and we would do these ridiculously hard workouts every day, and always compete with each other.

One day, he brought his kettlebell with him to the gym, and we mixed it into one of our training sessions. I was instantly hooked. It was just about the coolest thing ever. The shape of the weight, how you could do things with it that you couldn’t do well with other training implements, just the flat-out uniqueness …

Problem was, we didn’t know what the hell we were doing 🙂

I figured that since I was a trainer, I could figure out how to use kettlebells properly on my own. BOY was I wrong!

I started to get a bit of back pain (turns out it was from doing swings and snatches incorrectly). I also could NOT get the hang of the Turkish get up … everyone said it was such a great move, but it just didn’t feel right, and it hurt my shoulders every time I did it.

So, I bit the bullet and signed up for an RKC certification. I trained for about three months leading up to it … with a local RKC trainer, and of course lots of practice on my own … and turned out to be a LIFE CHANGING experience.

The three eight-plus hour days of KB instruction was more intense than anything I had ever experienced from a “certification”. This was the REAL deal … deep learning about kettlebells, but also being TESTED physically and mentally … I loved it! 🙂

Like I said, the experience was life-changing. I’ve learned most of all I know about kettlebell training from the RKC and the folks involved in / with it … I’ve since attended and assisted at multiple different RKC events over the years … and frankly, I owe a good portion of my business success to our focus / local “expert status” on kettlebells.

That’s why I’m SUPER excited that things have come a bit “full circle” … and we’ll be hosting an RKC certification at our gym in September!!

If you are an instructor looking to learn how to use kettlebells the RIGHT way, I highly recommend you sign up and start training for it right away.

And if you’re an avid kettlebell trainee who wants to take their kettlebell form and knowledge to the highest level, I also recommend you attend the event and get your KB certification.

Get all the details on the event and register HERE … and be sure to do it by Friday, Feb 13th 2015 if you want to get the best “early bird” price.

As far as I know, this is the first time the RKC has come to the Sacramento area … exciting stuff!

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to come and check out our new facility, and get a little bit of the FVT experience over the weekend as well 😉

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC II

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