12 Min At-Home Workout, RFL Recap + New Band Earners

10.13.15 FVT Newsletter – 12 Min At-Home Workout, RFL Recap + New Band Earners


12 Minute At-Home Bodyweight Workout
by Forest Vance, owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

I put together this little bodyweight workout and did it at home one morning, over this last weekend …

It was an AWESOME way to start the day, so wanted to share it with you!

It’s a great one to sneak it between your regular boot camp sessions for some extra fat-burning.

Check it out at the link below:

=> 12 Minute At-Home Bodyweight Workout


New Black / Grey Band Earners Shout – Outs

AWESOME performance at the quarterly Band Challenge Workouts last week!

Over a dozen folks who earned a grey or black band, which was AWESOME … and very impressive!

We’ll have to come up with some new, even MORE challenging standards for 2016 🙂

Here’s a link to see the workout, in case you missed it:

=> October 2015 Challenge Workout


30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Recap

We wrapped things up on Saturday with the Fall 2015 Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, and I was HIGHLY impressed, motivated, and inspired by each and every participant who made it the full 30 days.

We had 12 folks lose 5 pounds or more …

And 7 folks lose 10 pounds or more …

And most importantly, made some new positive life habits that will last long after this 30 day Challenge is over.

The winning team was the “Kettle Ballers” – congrats to Nicole W, Steve W and Jacque J! You lost a total of 31 pounds as a group – woo hoo!

For the individual winners …

Honorable mentions to Erik W, Ray N and Sara S … all with 4.1% of total body weight lost in just 30 days – wow!

3rd place and $100 went to Dennis H, with 5.5% of his total body weight lost!

2nd place and $200 went to Steve W, with 5.9% of his total body weight lost!

And 1st place – and $300 – went to Nicole W, with 7.6% of her total body weight lost!!

Again, awesome, amazing work everyone. So happy to see the progress that everyone made in this Challenge. And keep the momentum rolling!!


Thanks for reading the 10.13.15 edition of the FVT Newsletter!

Keep training hard, and ’till next time –

– The FVT Team

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