Training, Diet, and Lifestyle Tips to Survive – and Thrive! – this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us – and that means joy, gift-giving, family and friends!

But it can also bring excuses to miss workouts, lots of potentially unhealthy foods, and stressful times.

So I wanted to share with you my best training, diet, and lifestyle tips to help you survive – and thrive! – this holiday season:

1 – Keep going!

You have worked hard all year getting stronger and leaner and meaner. DO NOT un-do your progress now … keep the momentum rolling.

2 – Make a plan and stick to it

Have your plan for when you’re going to do your workouts, exactly what your’re going to do, etc mapped out. Have a plan for your meals. And have the discipline to stick to it!!

3 – Train FOR something

We organized the FVT Ultimate Challenge Workout again this year to give our local Sacramento clients something to train for over the holidays.

Point is, sign up for an event – having something to train for and stay focused on is SUPER helpful.

4 – ENJOY your holiday meals

I am saddened by these articles where people talk about “how to cut calories at your Thanksgiving dinner” etc. Enjoy your holiday meals for gosh sakes!! 😉 You can have a cheat meal every once in a while. It’s not a problem … as long as you are dialed in the other 90% of the time.

5 – Avoid food pushers

This is easier said than done, especially during the holiday season … but if you can, STAY AWAY from those family members and friends and others who pressure you into eating foods that you are trying to avoid!

6 – Have minimal equipment workouts ready

Having some minimal / zero equipment workouts ready is KEY to staying on point w the training … almost guaranteed you’ll have a time or two where you can’t do your regular workouts. So have something planned ahead of time you can knock out with minimal time and minimal equipment.

7 – Weigh yourself weekly

You do NOT want to eat to your heart’s content, slack on the workouts, miss weighing yourself for six weeks and then to your horror discover you’ve put on 10 pounds by the 1st of January.

Instead, weigh yourself every week. It’s what I have all my Elite Online Coaching Clients do, and it’s a KEY part of the amazing results they get.

(BTW – I recommend you do this ALWAYS, like for your whole life … not just during the holiday season.)

8 – Move every day

Keep moving. It will help you burn a few extra calories and it’s important for your mental health … especially if it’s winter time in your part of the world.

Do your regular training sessions, walk, bike, do your mobility and flexibility work … whatever you enjoy that keeps you moving!

9 – Get an early start on 2016

Most people are thinking they will start on their fitness program in the beginning of the year … YOU are going to start NOW and get a jump on the procrastinators! 😉

10 – Keep your fitness a priority

I KNOW you have a lot going on during the holidays … so do we all! BUT … you can still make fitness a priority, still try your best to eat healthy, and still make it a

point to get your workouts in.


Saved the best tip for last 😉 NO excuses this holiday season. Get it done.

I hope those 11 training, diet and lifestyle tips will help you survive – and even get BETTER – this holiday season. Keep going, stay focused, stay DISCIPLINED, and rock on –

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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