What size kettlebell is right for you?

Are you getting started with a new KB program, and wondering what size ‘bell is right for you?

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Let me break it down for you with a short personal story.

It was 2006 … I had heard of kettlebells, but had never actually used one … and my training partner at the time brought in his 35 pound kettlebell to use with our workout for the day.

I was fairly strong at the time (and still am!) … I was probably benching around 350, squatting 425 or 450, and deadlifting around 500 … and I thought, what is a little 35 pound weight going to do for me?!?

BOY was I wrong. We got a couple of minutes into the little KB-based finisher he had planned for the end of our workout, and I was SMOKED!

I couldn’t believe how I got a strength and cardio workout at the same time, and how much more efficient it was than anything else I had really done up to that point.

I was hooked right away! – and 12 years later, my love for kettlebells still grows fonder every day ????

And so – as far as weights I would recommend when you start – I would say:

– 35 pound for the average, fairly active, but KB-uninitiated man
– 18 pound for the average, fairly active, but KB-uninitiated woman

Then, as you learn the moves, get your technique down, and get a little stronger, I’d probably have men pick up a 53 pound, and women pick up a 35 pound.

Then you’d have two ‘bells – which would be perfect for doing different exercises (you’re probably going to use a heavier weight for swings that you are Turkish get ups), and challenging you in different ways.

Of course – everyone is different, and starts at different places, and there are a lot of possible variables that come into play – but this is a general good starting point.

If you are getting started with kettlebell training, and have been wondering what weight is right for you, I hope this helps.

To your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Kettlebell Instructor

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