(video) How to Get Better at Pull Ups!

Pull ups are important. They are one of the best indicators of total body fitness. If you are a woman and you can do a few pull ups … or if you are a man and you can do 10 or more … you probably have a solid bodyweight-to-strength ratio, relatively low level of bodyfat, and good overall level of fitness.

They are a great way to train your upper body pulling muscles … as well as the core and the total body!

Watch the video, and learn:

— The difference between a pull up and a chin up .. and which one is easier
— What “counts” as a legit pull up or chin up rep
— The PROPER way to do a jumping or assisted pull up or chin up
— The PROPER way to do a band-assisted pull up or chin up
— How to work to full, unassisted pull ups / chins ups – and beyond!

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Look forward to seeing you there!

– Forest and the FVT Team

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