6 Week Yoga Challenge

I have been doing Yoga pretty consistently now for a little over 6 weeks.

Typically, I take one 75 minute in-person class per week, and then do a short 15-20 minute home practice in the mornings, an additional two or three times per week.

I can tell you – it is helping me BIG time as I ramp up my training and prep for a 12-14 hour, 30-mile-plus Obstacle / Endurance event this fall.

Here are the specific ways it has helped:

  • I feel better – less pain, more mobility – throughout the day
  • It’s improving my lifts – moving better is actually making things like deadlifting and kettlebell swings easier and smoother
  • I am running now with less pain (maybe because my hips are so tight and the regular Yoga is helping?)
  • My midsection feels flatter and stronger and more defined

So here is my challenge to YOU:

If you haven’t already, sign up for our upcoming 6 Week Beginner Yoga Series!

You’ll be at the studio practicing with us once per week, starting next Wednesday, June 5th.

Do that, plus a couple of short 15-20 minute home practice sessions in the mornings, for six weeks – on top of what you’re already doing in the gym.

Take note of how you’re doing at the beginning, and improvements you see by the end.

Sign up for the series now at the link below (still discounted for the next 8 to sign up):

6 Week Beginner Yoga Series @ FVT

And look forward to seeing you there!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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