#1 exercise for strength? (video)

Lots of talk about the “Next Level Strength” – Barbell Basics program we have going right now.

*As of this writing, I can personally take one or two more folks for the program (depending on time / availability), Kendall can take two or three more, then we’ll be closing registration. Details and sign up here ASAP if you want to grab a spot.

People are asking – “what’s the #1 exercise for strength”?

My opinion: the Deadlift.

That’s why it’s one of the lifts we focus on teaching in Next Level Strength.

Deadlifts stimulate the whole body. They work the butt, upper thighs, hamstrings, lower back, upper middle back, traps, and more. And they have a lot of application to many different training goals.

But they are also highly technical … and you need to make sure your form is solid before jacking up the weight and really going for it.

So check out the tips below, and implement them today. And, if you want our coaching and help, sign up for Next Level Strength here.


5 Technique Tips for a Bigger Deadlift

1 – Get your back flat.

Your shoulders should be down and back, your back flat, and your upper back tight and positioned right over the bar on your set up.

2 – Set up with the bar right above the middle of your feet.

When you reach down to grab it with your hands, your shins should end up touching it.

3 – Take the slack out of the bar when you set up and get ready to lift.

This will feel a bit like you’re pulling up on the bar and driving your feet into the ground at the same time. Another way to think about it is like you’re wedging yourself between the bar and the ground.

4 – Stick with the double overhand grip for as long as possible.

At some point, when the weight gets higher, you’ll have to switch to the mixed grip. But the double overhand grip is most symmetrical and easiest on your body.

5 – The bar path should be straight up and down.

NOT around your knees, out in front of your body, etc.


Check out a video that runs through these technique tips for a bigger deadlift in detail here.

Sign up for “Next Level Strength” – Barbell Basics here.

-Forest and the FVT Team

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