Daily Routine to Stay Focused, Positive, and Strong!

COVID-19 crisis is driving stress and worry through the roof.

And being quarantined is not helping the situation.

But we have to remember: this WILL end. Our lives have been flipped upside down, but it’s temporary. And it’s all for the greater good.

One thing that can help tremendously with staying focused, positive, and strong is a daily routine.

People thrive on routine, and when you all of a sudden get the rug swept out from under you, re-establishing some kind of order in your life can have a tremendous impact on your mental and physical well-being.

I should mention specifically: keeping your workouts going is HUGE! I have published tons and tons of free workouts over the years on the blog at ForestVanceTraining.com, in my email newsletter, on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and more. We are also doing a VERY in-depth online / distance coaching program for our clients right now that includes a detailed zero-equipment workout plan, daily live workouts that they can join in, workout tracking / accountability for every client, and more. (We are also considering opening this up to the broader community to get involved later this week.. if you’ve been on a training program and are now stranded with no where to go, hit us up, we can help!)

Nutrition, hydration, rest, and other self-care is super important right now too. I’ll be posting more about these topics in coming days and weeks too.

But for now – here’s my “quarantine routine” to stay positive, focused, and strong!

5/6 am:

  • wake up!
  • 10 min yoga / stretching routine
  • read – devotional / something positive
  • write down 3 things I am grateful for
  • plan out my day

6/7 to 7/8 am:

  • lead live online workout for clients OR write content-based post like this one / email newsletter

7/8 to 8/9 am:

  • have breakfast with family
  • get everyone ready for the day

8/9 am to 11 am/12 pm:

  • send out follow-along workout for the day to training clients
  • touch base with FVT trainers on plans / strategy for the day
  • do more writing – training plans / blog posts / email newsletter
  • check in / calls with personal training clients / write programs

11 am/12 pm to 1 pm/2 pm:

  • self workout – kettlebells in the garage OR run outside
  • have lunch
  • plan w kiddos in the yard
  • practice math skills with our 5 year old

1/2 to 4/5 pm:

  • more client check ins – track everyone’s workouts for the day
  • more calls with training clients
  • check emails / financial stuff / other

4/5 to 6/7 pm:

  • lead live online workout(s)

6/7 to 8/9 pm:

  • dinner
  • time with family – activity / play outside / etc
  • watch a little bit of a movie
  • read to kids
  • to bed!


People thrive on routine. With big changes, I think that having something structured is so, so helpful for your mental and physical health. Hope my example will help. Have a great day, and talk soon!

-Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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