Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series is LIVE!

Hey – I have some great news!…

…we got a very strong response when I asked if you would be interested if we put on an online home-based yoga series..

…so we are going to make it happen, and sign ups are now open! Details and reserve your spot at the link below:

-> Online/Home-Based Sport Yoga Series

We will meet once a week on a Zoom call, and I will lead you through a 45 minute “Sport Yoga” session!

This is for you if:

— You are looking to improve your flexibility

— If you’re looking to reduce aches and pains

— If you want to reduce stress

— You are looking to improve recovery

Sport yoga is easier forget beginners to perform. It’s based on Hatha Yoga, covers traditional sport stretching, and includes dynamic movement sequences for all types of athletes and sports.

This series is priced very reasonably, and I even include recordings from all 30 sessions of the Flexibility/Mobility Challenge we put on last year, so that you can get started working right away towards those goals until we officially start the Sport Yoga series in a couple of weeks. Details and sign up at the link below:

-> Online/Home-Based Sport Yoga Series

Look forward to working with you!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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