the “Couch Stretch”

Do you have tight hips?

Do you like to watch TV?

Great news: with the “Couch Stretch”, you can catch your favorite show AND improve your flexibility, all at the same time!

Give it a try, then sign up for our upcoming Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series (details at the bottom of this post):

the “Couch Stretch”

– Start by standing in front of a couch

– Put your back knee on the couch and keep your front leg on the ground

– Put your back foot up against the back of the couch

– Point the back toe

– Squeeze your glutes, and the glute of the up leg in particular, to stabilize your lower back and correctly position the hip joint

– With the butt squeezed, dril the front of the hip towards the ground

– Work on this daily for at least 60 seconds per side

-Try doing the Couch Stretch daily for a week – 60 seconds each leg, each day – and pay attention to the change you can create.

– Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified Sport Yoga Instructor


Online/Home-Based “Sport Yoga” Series

Kicks Off Thursday, September 9th – Click Here to Sign Up Now! –

Once per week, on Thursday afternoons / evenings, we’ll meet on a Zoom call from 5 to 545 pm, Pacific Standard Time

We kick the program off on Thursday, September 9th. We’ll meet again on September 16th, September 23rd, September 30th, October 7th, October 14th, and October 21st.

Sport Yoga is easier for beginners to perform, based on Hatha yoga, covers traditional sports stretching, and includes dynamic movement sequences for all types of athletes and sports!

This special program is open to ALL – and since we are doing it on Zoom, you can join from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Click Here to Sign Up Now:

-Forest and the FVT Team

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