January 2011

New Promo Video

Here's an inside look at the Sacramento Personal Training program from Forest Vance Training, Inc. :

January 2011 Nutrition Challenge

It's Monday ... and besides the fact that it's the start of a new week, you should be extra excited because this week, we're holding our first monthly nutrition challenge! Let me quickly explain the monthly nutrition challenge concept: For a week out of every month, we'll announce a nutrition 'challenge'. Over the next six [...]

In Honor of Jack LaLanne

Very sad news today - fitness icon Jack Lalanne has passed at the age of 96. LaLanne was likely the most influential fitness fanatic of the 20th century - and his story is incredibly inspirational. Read about it by clicking the link below:Jack LaLanne dies at 96; brought fitness to masses

5 Minute ‘Crunchless’ Abs (new video)

Cool new video for you to check out - it's a 'Crunchless' ab circuit that'll take you about five minutes to do -See, it turns out that Crunches are just okay for working your abs. Although a wicked Crunch circuit can give you a great ab burn (and that's why I still include 'em in [...]

MLK, Jr. Day Boot Camp Schedule

The group training/boot camp schedule for the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday - Monday, January 17th - will be same as usual.Have a great weekend!Forest

MY Daily Diet + New ‘Virtual Pro Shop’

Hope your 2011 is off to a great start! Couple new cool things for 'ya this week:MY daily dietMy diet is geared towards the same goals you probably have - optimum health, weight maintainence and high energy - so hopefully it'll help you figure out a reasonable and effective plan for yourself. (If you want [...]

January 2011 Challenge Workout Results

Here's the January 2011 Challenge Workout one more time in case you missed it:----------10 Push Ups (knees for gals, standard for guys)20 KB Swings30 Walking Lunges (30 total steps)40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers (one knee-to-elbow move = one rep)50 Body Weight SquatsDo as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes----------And the results (score is total [...]