Lose Weight and Reduce Belly Fat FAST (full meal plan + workout)

The lazy days of summer are behind us, and we’re back into the swing of things.

With the all the fun also came a little less consistency with your workouts, and a little more drinking and eating than usual, too.

Now you’re carrying around a few extra pounds in the midsection you’re wanting to drop ASAP.

I got three resources for you to check out, to help you lose weight and drop belly fat fast.

First is a fat loss meal plan. It’s actually a sample of MY daily diet that I wrote up a couple of years back … VERY do-able, and followed consistently (adjusted for your weight / fitness goals / etc), it WORKS!

Check it out here:

=> MY Daily Diet


Next is a simple 15 minute follow-along body weight workout. My wife Gina and I shot this simple – but EFFECTIVE – follow-along video late in 2013, and it’s been one of our most popular workouts to date. Start with this routine every other day (it’s body weight only and ZERO equipment required, so you can do it literally anywhere), and you’ll be SHOCKED at how fast you body starts to change:


FVT 15 Minute Follow-Along Body Weight ONLY Workout


The third and final resource for you is our upcoming 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge. With the challenge, you get not only meal plans like the one in this article, and workouts to do at home like the video above, but ALSO:

— Boot camp workouts IN PERSON at the FVT Studio – so we can coach and motivate and inspire you to get results faster than you ever thought possible
— Membership in a private Facebook group where the power of the Rapid Fat Loss Challenge Community will give you the support you need to reach your goals
— Eligibility to win up to $300 in CASH just for losing massive amounts of fat in 30 days

And much more!

Check out the details and reserve your spot before all the spots are filled here:

=> FVT 2014 Back to School Rapid Fat Loss Challenge


Now you have three killer resources to help you lose weight and drop belly fat FAST. NO excuses – get to work!

Train hard, and talk soon –

Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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