July 2015

WOW ... the response to the message we sent out yesterday re: opening spots in our personal training program has be HUGE ... out of the 10 initial training slots per week I mentioned that we'd be opening up, 8 have already filled. We're going to try and re-arrange some things, and see if we [...]

How's your week going so far? Hope your workout, meal planning, and overall fitness program is off to a strong start! As you probably know, we've gotten away from doing one-on-one training at the FVT studio for the last couple of years. Our "semi-private", small group program has kind of been our go-to for folks who [...]

Since publishing this article on the ForestVanceTraining.com blog a couple of weeks ago: => How to Add Running to Your Workouts I've had countless folks tell me that they're planning on / have already added a couple of days per week of running into their workout routine. Awesome! While that article made a strong case for [...]

Seeing our clients come to us with a goal in mind - whether it's losing fat, gaining strength, improving performance, or just getting more fit overall and feeling better about themselves ... And then seeing them ACCOMPLISH their goals, while challenging themselves physically and mentally in a positive, encouraging environment ... and not only reaching [...]

Here's the July Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: => FVT July 2015 Challenge Workout And big shout - outs to our new band earners! (grey) -- Lilia K -- Issac L -- Gina M -- Robyn R (black) -- Denise P -- Darren V -- John W Way to go guys!  Keep [...]

The FVT Band Challenge is back! It's already underway at this week's boot camp workouts, and we have almost a dozen new band earners so far. Stay tuned for results later this week. And don't forget to check out the upcoming ULTIMATE Challenge Workout on Saturday, August 1st ... it's an epic three hour event [...]

Just finishing up at the gym now, and I'll be off for some fun and relaxation over the Holiday weekend. How about you? What do you have planned? We did a fun and challenging "4th of July 1776 Rep Bodyweight Workout" at this morning's boot camp sessions ... and it's a perfect one to do [...]