MY Daily Diet + New ‘Virtual Pro Shop’

Hope your 2011 is off to a great start! Couple new cool things for ‘ya this week:

MY daily diet

My diet is geared towards the same goals you probably have – optimum health, weight maintainence and high energy – so hopefully it’ll help you figure out a reasonable and effective plan for yourself. (If you want to use it as a model, though, you’ll probably have to adjust the portions down quite a bit … I weigh about 245 pounds 🙂 ) Click the link below to check it out:

New ‘virtual pro shop’ with nutritional supplement section and more

I get a ton of questions about various fitness products, most often nutritional supplements.

My take on supps is that you need to have your diet and training program dialed in first and foremost … but once you do, they can help you reach your fitness goals a little (or even a lot) faster. And certainly, protein/meal-replacement bars and shakes are a convenient and healthy way to get the nutrition you need on the run …

So I set up a new section of my website with ‘ FVT approved’ supps, fitness gear, and more –

Here’s the link for the main page – you’ll find links to recommended supps, fitness gear, apparel, and all my workout books and DVD’s:

If you’d like to hop straight to the supplement section, click the link below:

And of course, if you have any questions about this stuff, feel free to drop me a note …

*I also have a little area set up at the studio dedicated to this new project (mostly thanks to my great new assistant Sam) … so if you want to see any of the products in person, you can check them out there, too*

Thats it for this week! Train hard and train smart –


January 2011 Challenge Workout Results

Here’s the January 2011 Challenge Workout one more time in case you missed it:


10 Push Ups (knees for gals, standard for guys)
20 KB Swings
30 Walking Lunges (30 total steps)
40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers (one knee-to-elbow move = one rep)
50 Body Weight Squats

Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes


And the results (score is total number of rounds + total number of exercises (all prescribed reps) finished; I also listed each location separately as East Sac folks had a slight disadvantage going up and down a set of stairs before doing each set of lunges):

Land Park

MG 4+4
SS 4+3
ES 4+2
LB 4+2
KG 4+1
SR 4+1
SK 4
LA 3+4
MA 3+3
SB 3+3
CK 3+3
EZ 3+2
AS 3+3
AA 3
PT 2+2
NP 1+3
East Sac
AG 4
SG 4
SP 3+4
NG 3+4
AK 3+3
EP 3+3
MB 3+1
PH 3
VC 3
Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

January 2011 Challenge Workout

It’s a new year … and it’s time for some brand new, kick-a@@ challenge workouts!! Here’s the January 2011 Challenge Workout from Forest Vance Training, Inc. Sacramento, CA personal training and fitness boot camps:

10 Push Ups (knees for gals, standard for guys)
20 KB Swings
30 Walking Lunges (30 total steps)
40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers (one knee-to-elbow move = one rep)
50 Body Weight Squats
Do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

Good luck! And stay tuned for results later this week …
P.S. Want to get in on the fun? Looking for a fresh start with your fitness program this new year? We offer a free ‘Test A Trainer’ session for all new prospective clients … contact us by clicking here or call (916) 273 9366 to schedule today!

Get A Head Start On 2011 (must read)

How to hit 2011 running

First – thanks so much for making 2010 great and wishing you a fantastic 2011! What an amazing year …

I’m thankful every day I go to ‘work’ (if you can call it that) … I feel so fortunate that I can help so many people improve their lives, do what I love and actually get paid for it … and it’s all because of YOU … so again, many, many thanks.
New Year’s resolutions may be a bit cliche – but now is an great time to reflect on the past year and plan for the one ahead.
I’m personally huge on goal setting in every aspect of my life. And it’s so important, no matter what your goals are – whether that’s losing weight, managing your time more effectively, doing something you’ve always wanted to do like start a business or travel to a foreign country … because it works!!
If you’re questioning the true effectiveness of writing down your goals, here’s some research statistics I dug up on goal setting from

There are numerous studies that prove the value of journaling to write down and keep track of your thoughts and goals. A research study sponsored by the Ford Foundation discovered that:

– 23 percent of the population has no idea what they want from life, and as a result, they do not have much.

– 67 percent of the population has a general idea of what they want, but they do not have any plans for how to get it.

– Only 10 percent of the population has specific, well-defined goals – and seven out of ten of those people reach their goals most of the time.

The top 3 percent of folks who take time to define specific goals, write them down, and take a planned course of action to reach them achieved their goals 89 percent of the time.

I’m a firm believer that you can have whatever you want in life – and that, ultimately, you are the one responsible for how your life turns out.
I always take time at the end of each year to write down my goals (actually, I do it a lot more often that that) … and I achieve them at least 89% of the time. I recently found a journal from about five years ago where I wrote down my goals at the time … and it was uncanny … I had achieved and surpassed almost every one of them … I’m absolutely convinced this process works …
So, for example, if improved fitness is your goal, write it down. Be specific about it, and have a great reason why you want to get in shape. Is it for your health? To be there for your kids? To feel better and have more energy? Or even just to look great and feel good in your clothes? How much weight to you want to lose? By what date? And what’s your specific course of action to get there?
In conclusion, though New Year’s resolutions may not be your thing, take some time to reflect on 2010 set some concrete goals for the coming year. Remember, you are the creator of your own destiny and can have any kind of life you want … so, what are your goals for 2011?

Merry Christmas! New Video, Holiday Schedule, + My Christmas Gift To You

I know this week is crazy for a lot of you – but that’s still no excuse to let your fitness program get off track! Quick, efficient workouts are the name of the game. Here’s a pair of exercises – the Burpee and the Kettlebell Swing – I put together into a sequence that hits every major muscle group and is great for a full-body resistance and cardio workout when you’re stretched for time:

Merry Christmas and have a great week!

P.S. There’s a special holiday group training/ boot camp schedule for the next two weeks … I posted it up last time, but in case you missed it, you can find it here

P.S.S. Don’t forget my Christmas gift to you – a new and improved version of my 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint. It’s a 7 day workout guide and meal plan that’ll give you an awesome jump start on your fitness resolutions for the coming year … just enter your name and email at the upper right of the page to grab your copy!!

Holiday Group Personal Training/ Boot Camp Schedule

Happy Holidays! Here’s the tentative group personal training/boot camp schedule for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s weeks:


Week of 12/20 (Christmas)

Monday 12/20 – Wednesday 12/22 – normal schedule (click here to see the current boot camp and group training schedule)
Thursday 12/23 – 6 am and 9 am boot camp @ Land Park Location, no 6:30 pm boot camp @ Land Park
Friday 12/24 (Christmas Eve) – no 9:15 am group personal training @ Anytime Fitness
Saturday 12/25 (Christmas Day) – no 9 am boot camp @ Land Park

Week of 12/27 (New Year’s)
Monday 12/27 – Friday 12/31 – normal schedule (click here to see the current boot camp and group training schedule)
Saturday 1/1 (New Year’s Day) – no 9 am boot camp @ Land Park
Contact me here with any questions – thanks!

The 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint v 2.0 (it’s free)

I’ve got a new and improved version of my 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint for you to download – in it, you’ll discover:
  • A total-body resistance training workout that’ll get you on the fast track to fat loss
  • A complete meal plan to help you lose fat fast
  • An interval cardio workout to help you burn more calories in less time
  • Tips to get you in the the right mindset for fat loss (the most important – but often also most overlooked – part of the equation)
The best part about it? It’s FREE! All you have to do it sign up for my weekly newsletter by dropping your name and email in the box at the upper right of this page, and you’ll be automatically directed to a page where you can download your copy!
(If you’re already signed up for my weekly newsletter, don’t worry – I’ll be sending you a link to the download page shortly.)
Even if you’re already working out and think you’re making good progress – even if you’re already enrolled in one of my training programs – I still think you’ll learn something new from this report. Simply enter your name and best email in the box at the upper right of the page to grab it now!
Have a great week and talk soon –