February 2010

Trying to lose weight? Having trouble sticking to your diet plan? Here are five tips to help you make faster progress towards your fitness goals:1. Stock up for success/ be preparedIf you have healthy food around the house, you're a lot less likely to hit up the In-n-Out burger on the way home after a [...]

,From Fat And Flabby ...To Lean And Ripped!Shed Stomach Fat And Get The Rock Hard Midsection You've Always Wanted ...Bad news first: If you're trying to improve your core strength or lose fat around your midsection, hundreds or thousands of crunches every day or the latest ab contraption probably won't solve your problem...The good news [...]

Last chance to sign up for the Kettlebell Basics seminar this Saturday! For more details about what we'll be covering, time, location, and exact price, click here. Sign up by simply clicking the link below - remember, you must sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot:Sign Up For Kettlebell Basics Now

Whether your goal is fat loss or improved conditioning, HIIT (short for High Intensity Interval Training) could be the secret to reaching your fat loss goals in record time. Not for the faint of heart, this type of training is intense - but hey, that's a good thing. If you're gonna show up, you might [...]

The Rising Popularity Of The No Gym Workout

You can, without a doubt, get an awesome workout without the gym. Workouts that can be done at home, outside, in a hotel room - really anywhere you are - are all the rage these days, and for good reason: they work! The popularity of our group training classes - where we base most of [...]

"All runners are athletes, and all athletes run."- Steve Battista, Senior Vice President, Brand, Under Armour

Workout Challenge Update

Times recorded so far:Please Don't Hurt Me:Pascale - 7:51Pati - 8:53Turn It Up A Notch:Susan: 7:53Emily: 9:41Eric: 12:15Bring The Pain:Sage: 8:54And a quick clip:Want in on the action? Contact us at (916) 273 9366 or drop us a note for your free intro session today!

February 2010 Challenge Workout

3 Versions Of This One -'Please Don't Hurt Me'7 Knee Push Ups14 Kettlebell Swings, 12k Kettlebell21 Body Weight SquatsRepeat Circuit 5x For Time'Turn It Up A Notch'7 Modified Burpees (push ups done from knees)14 Kettlebell Swings, 16k Kettlebell21 Body Weight SquatsRepeat Circuit 5x For Time'Bring The Pain'7 Standard Burpees14 Kettlebell Swings, 20k Kettlebell21 Body Weight [...]