March 2014

Today we're going to shift gears a bit. Got a story to share with you. Whether you're: -- having a hard time sticking to your nutrition plan -- inconsistent with your workouts for whatever reason -- coming back from an injury and just can't quite get your training going -- etc. It will make you [...]

We've got just over a week to go in the FVT 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge! Folks are seeing some AMAZING changes, can't wait to see how it turns out. The last couple of Rapid Fat Loss Challenges, we've held a free Bring-A-Buddy boot camp at the end to celebrate a job well done. [...]

In the rare occasion that I grab a workout at a “big box” gym, I always end up competing with other folks for equipment. And it honestly frustrates the living hell out of me … Like if I’m doing a circuit-style workout where I’m rotating between two or more exercises, inevitably someone hops in and [...]

Results from the March 2014 FVT Challenge are in! Here's the workout again in case you missed it: => March 2014 Challenge Workout   And the results: *FULL results coming soon, updated 3.9.14 (Women Non-Modified) SF 18:47 JM 19:26 BC 22:07 FY 21:12 AM 21:37 SK 21:53 DT 22:14 MG 22:14 JM 22:17 MT 22:25 [...]

FVT is growing, and we're looking for a highly qualified trainer/coach to join our team! Certification with a nationally accredited organization and/or degree in a related field is preferred. Prior experience working in the fitness industry is NOT necessary. The following things however are CRITICALLY important: - passion for health and fitness - positive attitude [...]

Killer challenge workout for you this month to test your conditioning and all-around fitness. Remember - these challenges are to be done only PERIODICALLY, as a way to see if your fitness level is improving. They are not intended as a stand-alone program, or as workouts you would do several times each week, etc.  We [...]