May 2014

Got a guest post for you today on 7 tips to make fat burning meals from Diana Keulian. Diana is a busy mother of two and creator of - an INCREDIBLE resource for just what it says - real, healthy recipes! After years of frustration, she's landed on her "formula" for creating meals that promote [...]

We've been getting a TON of  interest in the 21 Day Summer Shape Up Rapid Fat Loss Formula program we're running right now at the studio. But we're also getting a lot of the same questions from folks that are *considering* signing up.  Such as - "What do you guys actually DO at a FVT [...]

Meet Dan!

Seeing Dan now, you would never guess that less than three months ago, he was almost 20 pounds heavier. For years he had tried losing weight using fad diets, various supplements and on-again off-again workout programs. But when he decided to take our last rapid fat loss challenge, everything changed.   He lost 11 pounds [...]

Here's the May 2014 FVT Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: => Bodyweight / Kettlebell Challenge Workout   And the results: Women Non-Modified SF 450 PK 436 SG 436 KM 429 SK 419 JM 402 LA 398 AM 391 LB 388 MD 385 JM 383 MG 375 BS 368 KG 357 MT 350 FY [...]

Summer is almost here. Can you believe it?! Such an awesome time of year. Can't wait! How about you? What do YOU have planned? Spending some time at the beach? Maybe going out on the boat? Time at the pool with the kids? Guess that leads us to my REAL question for you today ... [...]

BRUTAL bodyweight / kettlebell challenge workout for you this month. Let's get right to it - May 2014 FVT Challenge Workout Set up is FIVE exercises: – KB swings (standard weight is 24k for men, 16k for women) – hand release push ups (from the toes for men, from the knees for women … each [...]

Man, this muscle meal brings back memories. Back in my college days, it was a staple. EASY to prepare, and it costs maybe two or three bucks for all the ingredients. I still come back to this simple muscle meal frequently because it's nutritious, affordable, and just SO easy to make: Muscle Meal in 60 [...]