August 2016

Three quick updates on our upcoming Obstacle Course Training Program: 1 - Training will be starting on Tuesday, Sept 20th at 6pm, and running every Tuesday at 6pm for the next 7 weeks leading up to the event. NOT Sept 27th as I originally announced. I looked at the calendar wrong when planning the dates, my [...]

Since we are gearing up for another FVT Obstacle Course Race training program, we thought we'd share some tips to help you be at your best for your upcoming race. Let's get right into it - # 3 Tips to Dominate Your Upcoming Obstacle Course Race 1- Do Interval Training This is an event where [...]

Our last Obstacle Course Race Training program was a great success! Everyone involved made great improvements, and the FVT crew killed the course come race day. Since we opened registration for another special training, in preparation for another event we will do together as a team in November, we've been getting a lot of questions [...]

We just wrapped up out FVT challenge workout for August!   Here's the workout in case you missed it: # August 2016 FVT Challenge Workout – 12 push ups (toes for men / knees for women) – 3 one arm KB squat to press per side (16k for men / 8k for women) – 5 [...]

The Obstacle Course Race we did as a team a couple of weeks ago was VERY challenging ... but so rewarding! ... And talk amongst the FVT community has spurred interest in doing another one :) So check it out - we are looking at putting together a training group and signing up for a [...]