September 2016

It’s time for another FVT ‘Bells and Beer Event! On Weds, October 12th @ 6pm, we’ll hold the final boot camp for our Rapid Fat Loss Challengers … but whether you are participating in the Challenge or not, you are HIGHLY encouraged to attend … and bring friends, family members, and co-workers! It is free [...]

We are taking pre-orders for our new "This is My Happy Hour" kettlebell T shirt / sweatshirt design. Front of T / sweatshirt will say "FVT Boot Camp" - Back will have "This is My Happy Hour" KB design. Like this: Cost starts at $20 for men's cotton T. Get yours today at the gym - [...]

Our Spartan Training Program kicks off next Tuesday at 6pm! (Details and register here if you want to grab one of the last few remaining spots => One of the things you end up doing a LOT of in these races is burpees. And we also do a lot of burpees at FVT Boot [...]

We wrapped up another Challenge last week! These are a great opportunity to push yourself and see your improvement from the last time. Check out the workout and results below: September 2016 Challenge Workout: # – Work off of 30 second time intervals, “beat the clock” – style – Continue through the workout until no [...]

Meet Nicole!

Nicole lost 15 Pounds and 7.72% of her body weight in just 30 days. Here is a video where she tells about how she did it: GREAT WORK NICOLE!  

In an ideal world, we'd have all the time we wanted to prepare and savor a healthy breakfast, every morning of the week. But for most of us - barring weekends and holidays - breakfast is usually more of a rush. Problem is, when you're really trying to dial it in, the typical fast breakfast [...]

It's Labor Day. That's why we kicked it off with some HARD WORK! But since you missed this morning's workout at FVT - and you're probably training at home instead - I'm going to bring the gym to YOU. All you need is about 20 minutes to get it done: # Labor Day Bodyweight Bootcamp [...]