FVT summer Boot Camp workout series 2022 is LIVE! – Spots Are Limited, Sign Up Now

We are running a special Boot Camp workout series, starting Saturday, June 11th, 2022. This special series will help you burn fat, get/stay lean, and put the final touches on that summer body. Plus, it will be a lot of fun! Details and sign up here -> FVT Summer Boot Camp workout series 2022 WeContinue reading “FVT summer Boot Camp workout series 2022 is LIVE! – Spots Are Limited, Sign Up Now”

Dynamic Stretching with Kettlebells

Dynamic stretching is a form of stretching that is perfect to add to your kettlebell workouts. It consists of gentle, rhythmic movements that are performed in continuous succession. It will warm up your muscles and prepare them for exercise, was well as helping you move more freely and with greater range of motion. Here’s aContinue reading “Dynamic Stretching with Kettlebells”

Spring BBQ @ FVT – Please RSVP

Are you planning on attending the FVT Spring BBQ on Friday, May 20th 5-7pm? If so, please RSVP at the link below so we know how many people to expect: -> https://forestvance.wufoo.com/forms/m14ajx4m07q56oi/ This special event is for our current and past clients. Family, friends, and co-workers are also welcome and encouraged! We’ll be getting things startedContinue reading “Spring BBQ @ FVT – Please RSVP”

Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout

Kettlebell boot camp workouts are particularly beneficial because they simultaneously work the muscles and the cardiovascular system, making them a great choice if you’re looking to lose weight or improve your overall fitness level.  In just 30 minutes, you can achieve results that would take hours at a typical gym: # Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout 1Continue reading “Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout”

10-Day Personal Training Kick Start

So many of us have gotten thrown off our fitness routines over the last couple of years. It’s really not your fault, because the: 😬 Stress eating 😬 Drinking more than normal 😬 Added stress and uncertainty Naturally can lead to adding a few (or more) extra unwanted lbs! We want to help you createContinue reading “10-Day Personal Training Kick Start”