Hate Counting Calories? Do This Instead:

Any dietician will tell you that the key to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit. The best way to do this is to track your food intake and make sure you’re hitting your target calorie intake for the day. However, I understand that not everyone wants to do this. If you’re one of thoseContinue reading “Hate Counting Calories? Do This Instead:”

“Calorie Density” Hack + Sample Recipe

One of the problems people have when they are dieting is often beinghungry. If you’re walking around hungry all day, it makes it REALLY tough tostick to a diet! And YES – while “a calorie is a calorie”, and it technically doesn’tmatter what those calories are made up of if your only goal is weightloss..Continue reading ““Calorie Density” Hack + Sample Recipe”

Can You Really Meal Prep In 5 Minutes Per Day? Here’s How I Do It

Consistent healthy eating can be tough, but meal prep doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can do it in just 5 minutes a day! I have a specific method that’s quick and easy. This is the kind of stuff we’ll be covering in our 20 in 6 Challenge starting in January…. click here to joinContinue reading “Can You Really Meal Prep In 5 Minutes Per Day? Here’s How I Do It”

Pre-Workout Protein Cookie Recipe

I work out first thing in the morning, and I’m always experimenting with the best thing to eat to fuel my workouts. A little bit of slow-burning carbs and a little bit of protein seems to work best… and this protein cookie recipe is one I’m currently loving! Check it out below – and ifContinue reading “Pre-Workout Protein Cookie Recipe”

The 5 Best and Worst Thanksgiving Dishes, According to Me

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and of course, food! There are so many different dishes that are traditionally served on Thanksgiving, and it can be hard to decide what to make. To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best and worst Thanksgiving dishes, according to me.  The best ThanksgivingContinue reading “The 5 Best and Worst Thanksgiving Dishes, According to Me”

5 best and 5 worst Halloween candies

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for kids and adults alike. One of the best parts of Halloween is, of course, the candy!! However, not all candy is created equal. Some types of candy are definitely better than others. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst Halloween candies, according to my highly scientificContinue reading “5 best and 5 worst Halloween candies”

Can You Out-Train A Bad Diet? The Answer Might Surprise You

The notion that you can out-train a bad diet is a popular one. After all, if you are putting in the hard work at the gym, you should be able to enjoy the occasional cheat meal, right? Well – the answer to the question of “Can You Out-Train A Bad Diet?” is probably no. OneContinue reading “Can You Out-Train A Bad Diet? The Answer Might Surprise You”