June 2010

Client Showcase: Mark M

Mark has made some amazing progress in the last year and a half ... I've had this video up for a while now in our Sacramento Personal Training section, but in case you haven't seen it, now's your chance to check it out:In the video, Mark talks about the fitness transformation he's made in the [...]

Forest Vance Training, Inc. Around The Web

Hey all - make sure to connect up with Forest Vance Training wherever you hang out on the web:Forest Vance Training, Inc.'s Facebook Fan Page - Updated several times weekly with fitness tips and tricks, motivational quotes, etc.Forest Vance Training YouTube Channel - Kettlebell training videos, workouts, and moreForest Vance on Twitter - Updates on [...]

Flexibility Training For The Office Dweller

It's a safe bet that 75% of our clients at FVT sit down for most of the day. The main problem with this is that the human body isn't designed to sit in a chair for eight hours at a time. Hours of being in a seated position every day eventually leads to the development [...]

The First Semi-Annual Bring A Friend Event

We're holding our first semi-annual Bring A Friend Event starting next week! If you have a friend, family member, acquaintance, work associate, etc. who would like to join you during a training session, simply bring them along. Better yet, if your friend or family member signs up for any training program, you'll both get one [...]

If you're like me, spending half of your Sunday cooking, weighing and measuring your food for the week may be 'ideal' when you're trying to lose fat; but it also may not be feasible. And the bottom line is that the fat loss diet that you can actually follow is the one that will be [...]

Try These Unique Bootcamp Exercise Ideas

Here's another video showing a few of the exercises we use in our Land Park - Sacramento Boot Camp classes:P.S. If you're looking to get involved in one of our Personal Training or Boot Camp programs in the East Sacramento or Land Park area, give us a call at (916) 273 9366 or contact us [...]

June Challenge Workout Results

Great job to all on this month's kettlebell and body weight 300 challenge ... here are the results:ES 11:26SS 12:07AT 12:19 SG 12:45KG 15:16LK 15:40SW 15:52VC 15:53NS 16:38VB 16:47BG 17:46NG 18:45AG 18:54MB 19:14EJ 20:40Remember guys - the idea with these workouts is to:1) Gauge your own progress and fitness level month-to-month2) Mix things up and [...]