May 2012

Mud Run Race Prep

  Interested in a group race prep program for your next mud run? Learn more about the event by clicking here: === >> The concept is to have a once per week training group, initially meeting at the Land Park studio, and potentially venturing out at different points during the program for runs/activities in [...]

Starting June 4th, we'll be offering a new boot camp class each week on Mondays at 5pm. BUT ... this won't just be any old boot camp class.  Monday FUNday boot camps will be extra special because we'll have a special focus for each one. For example, on the tentative schedule so far, we have a [...]

MY Daily Diet

The most important part of any diet plan? Your ability to stick with it for a long period of time. No matter how "ideal" a meal plan might be for reaching your fitness goals, if you can’t actually do it, day in and day out – it won’t work for ‘ya! I thought I’d share [...]

Special boot camp schedule for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend: One boot camp only on Saturday, May 26th @ 8:30 am One boot camp only on Monday, May 28th @ 8:30 am Thanks for your understanding in advance - and enjoy your holiday weekend! Forest PS - Don't forget - we're now offering a weekly Zumba class [...]

Over this past weekend, I was writing up some kettlebell conditioning workouts for a new program I have in the works. I'm a big believer in actually doing the workouts I put folks through myself first :) - and I was due for a cardio/conditioning session - so I ran through one of 'em. It was [...]

Are you in the Sacramento, CA area and looking to learn how to train with kettlebells safely and effectively? Are you tired of your lower back aching after a few sets of Swings?  (Hint: You shouldn’t feel the Swing in your lower back at all if you’re doing it properly) Do you feel like you’re just not getting as [...]

The FVT May 2012 Challenge Workout again, in case you missed it: power jacks push ups reverse lunges knee-to-elbow mountain climbers KB swings Do 20 reps of each exercise.  Perform the workout circuit-style, moving from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible.  Do five rounds of the circuit for time. And [...]

John and Sam are two guys moving towards the same fitness goal(s) - They both want to lose about 20 pounds of fat, gain some lean muscle, and improve their overall health and energy levels. They work out almost the exact same amount of time each week.  Their eating habits are very similar. But John, [...]